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Chiropractic Care After Suffering Injuries in an Auto Accident in Canby, OR

Here at Canby Chiropractic, we are dedicated to helping our valued patients make a full recovery from their auto accident injuries. The forces associated with minor to severe auto accidents can leave lasting injuries that affect our patient’s quality of life. We utilize the best practices and procedures to help jumpstart the body’s natural healing process and eliminate painful or frustrating symptoms at the same time. If you were involved in a collision, you should have your auto accident injury assessed by a chiropractor in Canby to make a full recovery as quickly as possible.

Auto Accident Injury Types and Symptoms

We are well-versed in treating all types of auto accident injuries. The types of injuries our chiropractors treat most often include:

Our team will fully assess the injuries presented by our patients using the most effective diagnostic tests and scans. Upon determining the extent of the damage, we will create a treatment plan designed to eliminate pain and discomfort while improving range of motion and mobility.  

Treatment Options from Your Chiropractor in Canby

Our chiropractor in Canby, OR are well-versed in performing treatments that relieve stress on the bones, joints and soft tissues. The treatment process tends to revolve around the release of pressure from misaligned skeletal components.

Your chiropractor will utilize scans to identify spinal subluxations and other abnormal pressure points to make the correct adjustments and reduce your pain levels. You may also need to make lifestyle changes and perform therapeutic exercises, rehabilitation, and massage therapy to help your body recover from the auto accident injury and its complications. We have a massage therapist on site.

Through the treatment process, you can expect to regain your ability to move freely and live without constant pain. The chiropractic treatments will also help your body start healing your injuries from the inside out without pressure complicating this complex process.

Acquiring Chiropractic Care for Your Auto Accident Injury

If you are looking for relief from the pain, discomfort and mobility issues caused by your auto accident injuries, you will likely benefit from a visit with your chiropractor in Canby. You can schedule an appointment with your Canby, OR chiropractor by calling Canby Chiropractic at 503-266-5858. Our chiropractic team will assess your injuries and determine the best treatment options to help you achieve a full recovery.

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